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2022-2023 season starts at SIMILANS

1st November 2022

Diving courses

As 5 Star Instructor Training Facility we are offering variety SDI and TDI courses from the beginner to the professional level.
We are proud of

  • Our diving center has awards for highest certifications facility in 2019 and 2020.
  • Our instructor trainer(IT) – Polphut Bualoi has award for over 50 certifications in 2019.
  • Our instructor(OWSDI) – Natchanan Dacruz has award for over 50 certifications in 2019.

For us the most important our students’ safety and satisfaction. Always safety first, but we don’t forget to be fun too.
Our SDI courses are available with local dives and/or with liveaboard trip. It’s depending on you and/or actual circumstance.

If you are certified diver with lots of experience already and you like to look beyond the recreational diving it can be an option to continue with a technical diving course. Example “Intro to Tech” is a short, easy step to be a TDI technical diver.

May you think the diving is only for young people who has very good healthy. If you image a diver like a navy diver then you are correct, but do not forget we are not navy seals. To be a recreational diver is open for everybody. Even if your healthy is not perfect you can be a diver. May you need a special course for it, but it is not impossible.
SDI Scubility courses are standing for helping people to extend their limits. With us you can step easily beyond it in a safety way.

Do you enjoy your dives? Do you like to share your experiences? Do you have friends who are not divers?
The professional level courses teach you how to guide and/or teach people to dive.

SDI and TDI have the highest standards for the courses with world wide acceptable certifications.
In case of you want to be a PADI diver or you are already and you like to continue your education with it, PADI course may are upon request.

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SDI Courses

Scuba Diving International(SDI) training agency for recreational diving courses from the beginner to the professional levels.

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SDI Scubility Courses

Scuba Diving International(SDI) Scubility program to prove, diving is for everybody.

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TDI Courses

Technical Diving International(TDI) training agency for beyond the recreational diving levels, like mixed gas diving, cave diving, rebreathers and many more.


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Polphut Bualoi: +66 (0) 81 978 1882 (Thai, English)

Akmanee Tuladhorn: +66 (0) 87 564 5544 (Thai, English)

Peter Jonas: +66 (0) 81 54 55 257 (English, German, Hungarian)

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